Hey everyone, just binged through the first batch of Amazon Prime’s The Tick and I loved it so much.  I was a huge fan of Ben Edlund’s comic in the 1990’s.  I got most of them from a Flea Market dealer which seems so odd now.   Back in the early 90’s when I was in school comics were so sought after and in demand with 87 variant covers you couldn’t walk down the street without passing a few shops.  The Tick was mostly in black and white with a Special, Keen color issue now and again.  The character’s profile really began to rise when Fox debuted an animated series.  I made a huge paper-mache Tick head in high school.  It even hung in the office for away.  Then my bratty sister eventually destroyed it, but any I loved The Tick.

real tick

Fox would go on to pull the cartoon and later would produce a live action series with Patrick Warburton in the lead.  It was awful and I hated it severely.  Ron Perlman even guested on an episode that was a bit about being a drunk bigot bastard and superheroes fucking their sidekicks or some such thing.  Warburton was building his post Seinfeld career but it was a bad fit.  Even worse, Fox somehow couldn’t even use most of the names of the characters that were featured in its own cartoon.  Plus, Warburton was to have a mask but they could never pull it off so its just open face the whole time.  Needless to say this series crashed and burned pretty quickly.

warburton tick

Fast forward to 2017 an Amazon puts out a six episode season of their own design.  I was fully prepared to hate this show.  I figured they were just desperate to cash in on the Hollywood comic movie extravaganza.  Surprisingly though this series is awesome.  Peter Serafinowicz portrays the Wild Blue Yonder and he does so with a charm and innocence that was deeply lacking from Warburton’s full on bravado. Griffin Newman plays Arthur and Jackie Earle Hayley is The Terror.  Its funny, happy, and very true to the original source material, which makes sense as Ben Edlund is running the show.  I highly recommend giving the show a try if you happen to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. Thanks for reading!

tick 2017