Alright so I definelty need to go see Jurassic World again.  I watched it opening day and while I liked it, I wasn’t sure it was going to end up being a culture phenomenon.  People are madly in love with this film.  I grew up on Jurassic Park.  I’ve actually read the original Michael Chricton novel 5 times since Junior High in 1991.

Jurassic World was lots of fun and the pack of raptors was my favorite thing but, I wouldn’t have thought it would be this huge.  I mean Jurassic Park movies are kind of a one trick pony.  Jeff Goldblum’s character kinda serves it up best in the “Lost World” when he says its always Ooooing and Awing and then its running and screaming.  Perhaps I went in with the wrong mindset and it actually is one of the greatest movies of all time. I liked it as well as Avengners 2 but maybe not as much as Fury Road.  Well it is Father’s Day weekend, maybe I can wrangle the kids into a another trip to John Hammond’s park this Sunday.