Marvel Comics releases the newest issue of Captain America tomorrow.  It’s actually called the All-New Captain America now.  Steve Rogers, the original, 1920’s born super-soldier has been forced to retire.  Sam Wilson, the former Falcon is now wearing the stars and stripes and he can also fly!, but he sucks slinging the shield.  It’s apparently a learned trait.  Rick Remender has been piloting Steve and Sam for a couple of years now.  I honestly didn’t care for his Steve Rogers Cap.  He was following the epic run of Ed Brubacker, who actually brought Bucky Barnes back to life and made it great.  Brubaker’s run was more spy and intrigue.  Remainder’s has been more sci-fi, which is fine, but I just wasn’t enjoying it.  However, once Rogers is forced to retire, due to some convenient gimmick that made him loose his Super-Soldier serum and  age rapidly,  Sam Wilson takes over and Remender hasn’t missed a beat.

Sam Wilson is an absolute blast as Cap.  he doesn’t feel that his always worthy of the mantle.  Sam is black and issue five alludes to an unhappy cafe goer grumbling about Sam just being the “politically correct’ choice.  The kid that Steve Rogers adopted from Dimension Z is now serving as Sam’s sidekick, Nomad, and he makes no qualms that he feels he should be the one carrying the shield.

Sam is such a breath of fresh to the whole idea of the “Sentinel of Liberty.”  Steve was one of the greatest of the greatest generation.  He was always perfect.  Every hero looked to him and he led through all the great cross overs and animated series and most recently the big screen.  Sam has to live up to that.  Which for me, it’s perfect because as actual Americans citizens, we have a lot to live up to.  Our founding fathers left plenty of greatness for us to build on.  Steve got to go and slug old Hitler on the jaw.  Sam has race riots in the streets and a world of ever changing technological terrors.  Plus the self doubt and doubt of others who have always looked up to his predecessor.  Its a really great ride though. Remender is making the new Captain America work for it.  Every issue of this new series has just about ended in heartbreak, but I’m right back each month ready for action.   .images-7