Trying to get back into the swing of my blog and thought I would start back with a quickie album review of the latest offering from the Foo Fighters.  Sonic Highways serves as a companion piece to the HBO documentary series of the same name.  The album has a gimmick of being 8 songs recorded in 8 different cities.  Cities that helped shape American Rock.  This works better on some songs than others.  The lead single, Something From Nothing,  is a brilliant rocker that stands up to the best lead singer Dave Grohl has penned.  The track was recorded in Chicago and really jams.

The album still has the consistent Foo’s sound.  Which I’ve read several criticizes about this time through.  I love the band, and their last album Wasting Light,  is one of my all time favorites.  However, you can slightly get the feeling that not much has changed in 20 years.  The Foo’s can come off as Hootie and the Blowfish on steroids. I say that because Darius Rucker’s voice is limited in it’s range.  Hootie had some monster hits and I still in enjoy them, I just occasionally like some variety.  Dave Grohl said the after winning 5 Grammy’s for the previous effort he could have done anything.  Some weird Radiohead sounding album, but instead he decided to rock out traditionally.  I appreciate that, but I’m kinda hoping when this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer gathers the guys for the follow up, he stretches his artistic wings a bit more.  Sonic Highways is a solid A- effort.