When I was a kid, I wanted to be Spider-man or Superman, sometimes He-man.  I always tried to be a the best good guy I could be. Like my heroes.  Spidey was a little less of a boy scout, I mean he was often jealous and frustrated in his daily grind, but he had that heart of gold.  Superman is a character good guys like to compare themselves to.  Superman rarely has questionable methods.  He doesn’t kill, he doesn’t curse, he’s just the good man a lot of us aspired to be.  He-Man was just kind of a vanilla character to sell toys, but you know, I strived to be a vanilla hero, defender of good.

     However, in March Marvel launched a Magneto solo series and I’ve just been fasicntated by it.  Magneto has a been on the side of good for quite a while.  However, this new series by Cullen Bunn really portrays this dark guardian angel who will stop the worse then evil from harming his people.  It starts out with Magneto not a leader or a radical, but a investigator of sorts.  So far in the five issues of the series, the investigations have lead to him also being the judge and jury and carrying out swift, vigilante justice.

    I love the book needless to say, Magneto is often seen gathering clues while shady characters are tracking his movements.  He pulls one man’s fillings out when requesting information.  It’s a pretty intense series. Issue 6 will arrive next month with a collection of the first couple issues soon to arrive.  If you crave the complex characters and dynamic story telling, I strongly suggest Marvel’s latest Magneto series.