So today has been officially declared Hellboy day by anyone who cares.  Mike Mignola’s character debuted in Seed of Destruction 20 years ago.  I was a junior in high school, really more concerned about Captain Kirk dying in the god awful Star Trek: Generations and the return of Spider-Man’s clone in the Marvel Comics series.

I was a fan of Mignola’s from his various Marvel work and the brilliant DC Comics Batman story he did called Gotham by Gaslight.  Plus I was eager to branch out form superhero’s all the time so Hellboy was just the right thing.  It didn’t hurt any that the book was brilliant and full of wonderful characters and a very likable and even relatable story.  Which would seem rather hard to pull off considering its a tale of a boy from hell summoned through a portal by Nazi’s to essentially cause the downfall of mankind and let a crazy russian rule everything.  Seems kinda like a Putin bio now.

Hellboy was taken in a raised by the wonderful Professor Bruttenholm who ended up helping President FDR start up the BPRD, or Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.  When they would make the Hellboy movies later on, casting John Hurt as Professor Broom was the best casting ever.

At any rate, Hellboy has lived and lost, he’s even now died and is currently residing in Hell.  Death it seems, really was only the beginning.  Mignola seems happy and content with his much loved character and puts a issue out of his current In Hell series whenever he wants, no pressure, established through and through. We have a monthly dose of Abe, Johann, Liz and all the other Hellboy universe characters in the monthly BPRD book.  There is always rumor of another film, but I feel like Hellboy lends himself best to the panel and page.  So this March 22nd, cheers for Hellboy and here’s to another 20 and many more.