I love comics.  Pretty much anyone who knows me gets that statement and would confirm it for you.  However, I really love comics a whole lot.  I kinda hide in comics sometimes, especially when the world is just being a total ass.  I hate when life kinda rings your bell and lets you know that for the most part,  you’re not in charge.  This year is rolling around to complete it’s third month and it has simply kicked my ass the whole time.  I mean every aspect of my life getting it’s teeth in  completely has just exhausted these old bones.  I’m trying to hit the gym hard, change jobs, and start grad school.  All that fun stuff on top of a personal life roller coaster, crappy finances and a car wreck, not my fault by the way has left my looking for an escape.  

     So like I have the majority of my life, when I’ve decided to check out for a little while, I’ll crank some tunes and fade away into the wonderful world of comics.  I mean as always, no matter how rough my life is, Daredevil is trapped in Dr. Doom’s castle having his heightened senses taken away and his brain to be studied by a super bad guy in a metal suit.  Plus, I mean jeeze, If i think struggling to pay the water bill is a challenge, what about The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes? I mean that guy has lost his whole world a couple of times and he keeps on trucking.  Comics are just that blanket that I pull up over my head when I just don’t wanna deal with the world anymore.  

    I’m also reading some Kurt Vonnegut and he had a great way of putting things in perspective.  Sometimes, I think that as a normal, non geek, maybe I’d turn toward religion or something when I was at wit’s end.  Maybe booze is something that fills the need for others, I mean I enjoy a nice brew now and then but it can’t compare with some Hellboy and the BPRD.  I guess the thing you can take from comic superhero is just to rise above the adversity and dig down and overcome.  Really cheesy I know, but it’s geek life.