The latest incarnation of Marvel Comic’s The Punisher hit iPads and shelves this week. I’ve heard good buzz for months and it truly lives up to the hype. Writer Nathan Edmondson crafts a witty, sure minded Frank Castle. This is a Punisher more in line with a Call of Duty character or a Tom Clancy level super agent. I’ve been a fan of this character for most my life. Post 80’s Punisher has had a hard time. Especially the awful 90’s. He was a spray all gunman that’d we see on a cover standing in a pile of bullet casings. This guy takes out three bad guys with three bullets or less. Plus, it’s all done in spectacular style by artist Mitchell Thomas Gerads.
I know it’s early in the year but this super fresh take on a long time favorite is already my pick for best new series of the year. This is the best take on Frank Castle since the early issues of Garth Ennis’ Welcome Back Frank storyline. Happy reading.