So as Disney’s Marvel Universe cartoon library grows and evolves there is plenty of room for lots of cool shows from different corners of the massive comics universe. I’ve caught three episodes of Hulk and the Agents of SMASH and I absolutely love it.
I’ve never been the biggest Hulk fan ever, he was always a character that I could enjoy but never got super attached to. My favorite Hulk period was the early 90’s Peter David run when Hulk had Banner’s brain. Well, this new cartoon kinda feels a lot like that. The Hulk is in charge and super smart but, he has the potential to “Hulk out.”
The show is in the capable hands of Paul Dini, who practically birthed the modern era animated super-hero series with the original Batman the Animated Series back in the very early 90’s. Plenty of talented voice actors are on board as well. Seth Green voices Rick Jones/ Atom Bomb and Eliza Dushka is behind She-Hulk.
Another great little gimmick is that Rick Jones’s Atom Bomb is always recording things and it gives the show a Modern Family kinda feel. It’s on early Sunday mornings but it has the old Saturday morning cartoon feel, in case you’re old enough to remember a time when Saturday mornings was the place for the best cartoons. Happy viewing.