So I tend to think of being a super geek as a bit of a sickness sometimes.  I have to get each issue of Superior Spider-Man the day it comes out. If I don’t get each issue of Superman will he think I don’t love him?  It’s  really a lot for my head and heart sometimes.   What’s worse is that it’s strictly self-inflicted pains.  Superman will not know if I pick up each issue of a particular series, especially if it’s by a writer I don’t care for, who in my humble opinion, get’s it all wrong.

     My biggest Geek expense is my Apple addiction and the action figure extravaganza that is Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line.  It’s all the He-man figures I grew up with, done all cowboy wicked cool with neat sculpting and cool bendy joints that their 80’s counter parts could never live up to.  The largest problem with this addiction is that Apple stuff is beautiful and brilliant and super pricey.  My lovely fiancé let me go to Best Buy last week just so I could hold a iPad Air.  In turn for her kindness, she decided she wanted a Nintendo Wii U.  See?, Geekery is contagious.

     The He-Man line is a pain because its pricey for what it is and is available online only.  No walking into Toys R Us or Target to pick up your figures.  They retail at $27.00 bucks a pop and another 10 for shipping.  Ugh.  Worse still is that it’s a subscription line, so unless you’ve made a commitment to buy all the figures released in a year, there will be some that you simply can’t order being deemed subscription only.  I’ve got burnt on this a few times so I’ve already made the 2014 Subscription to Club Eternia. 

     Now, the real tug at the heart strings happens in a little over a month.  Mattel is releasing their brand new version of Castle Greyskull.  The best toy play set ever that all my pals had growing up.  In order to get the castle made, they had a sales drive last fall and needed so many orders before moving forward with production.  The 2013 castle is quite a ball buster at $300 dollars.  I had one reserved, then canceled it. I actually tried the next day to un cancel it to no avail. They assured me that a few will be available on the day of release to sell to non pre-orders.  I want this giant hunk of plastic pretty bad.  I feel like I’ll be a bad fan if I don’t pick up the most powerful play set in the universe, but dammit! its 300 dollars plus shipping!  Im 36 freaking years old.  I can’t really afford to shell out that kinda cash.   I really, really want it though.  The ultimate geek dilemma.   It’s so sad I’ve even asked my future wife if I could sell a little bit of my plasma to raise funds.  I’m sure she had to question her sanity for committing to marriage.

     At any rate, as the release inches closer I’ll be cooking up a plan to appease my inner child and the massive geek that I am.Image