This weekend at the New York Comic Con, writer Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred announced a new series for The Silver Surfer. I’m quite excited for this. The Surfer hasn’t been around too much lately and is ready for a comeback. He’s a sad lonely character, kind of like Superman but more solitary. For those not in the know, before he was a Silver Surfer, he was Norrin Rad, and his planet was going to be destroyed by the intergalactic entity called Galactus. Norrin offered himself as a sacrifice and that he would become a Herald of Galactus and serve him by finding other planets to munch on. Eventually he’s freed from this role and glides through the cosmos. He spent a lengthy time on earth were he picked up the “surfer” moniker due to how he travels.

The new series seems to feature a female companion of sorts which makes sense because Dan Slott is a rabid Doctor Who fan. The whole “powerful alien capable of traveling through space and time with a female, human cohort thing.”. The art is being done by the legendary and phenomenal Mike Allred whose probably most known for his “Madman” series. The series will begin its run in February with a special .1 issue from Marvel in January.

There was a brief 90’s animated series on Fox and the Surfer would get his board to return to him by saying “To me, my board.” I’ve worn in out for years. True confessions.