So it’s still September and I’ve woken up cold and turned the heat on for the first time.  This only leads me to believe that winter is coming and not in the Game of Thrones kinda way either.  The horrible living out in the sticks and having to fight to get to work because you live on a one lane country road kinda way.  The cost of heating my ancient farm house way exceeds the cost of cooling it.  I really should move, but I been really going to move for 12 years.  It’s kinda like waiting on superpowers.  I thought for sure I would have them by now.

     What really sucks is how much I dread winter as an adult when it used to be my favorite time of the year.  I used to love praying for snow and eagerly awaiting that snow day alert.  The whole neighborhood where I lived turned up with scarfs, sometimes their dads old work gloves and boots and we’d have at it all day.  Then as an extra bonus to already having a kickass day, you got hot cocoa or if you were a Star Trek the Next Generation fan and your mom had been to Kroger, you got Earl Grey tea.   Good times.  

     Winter comes now and it just seems like a fight and a bother with me wishing months away till April or May.  So sad, 12 year old me would be so disappointed.  Well, this winter, I’m going to try and enjoy it.  Sleigh riding and snowball fights and finding action figures in arctic battle gear.  I need a Tauntaun sleeping bag that has.  My lucky bastard friend in Athens, Ohio has it and I’m totally jealous.  Christmas is coming.Image