It seemed like one of the toughest decisions I’d ever have to make. Adulthood is full of tough choices. Which bill to pay, what kinda tire to buy, crap like that. For me, the one I’d really wrestled with was switching over to digital only comics. I mean, three years ago, when I was finally finishing my bachelor’s degree, I told my self I needed an iPad just because I’m a junkie for Apple and wanted this newest thing. I actually had the iPad before I had an iPhone because I couldn’t really afford the 90 bucks a month phone bill. I knew digital comics were slowly evolving towards cool and wanted to get in on that.

Even though I had a tablet, I still just always got my print comics. I’d been going to the brick and mortar store since 5th grade. Seriously, my first foray into a comic shop was Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, which was pretty shocking for a 9 year old. I was getting comics from the grocery store though since before I could read. How great were spinner racks?

Spinner racks be damned, I’m totally committed to the digital platform. I love being able to carry 3 or 4 new comics in my bag and never worry about creasing the spine or rolling a corner. PLus, being able to flip the panels in guided view is fantastic. I never thought the art would transfer well to the screen like it does. Another bonus is the back lit screen requires no annoying lamp to keep the Mrs. up when I need a Deadpool or Justice League to unwind before sleep.

In reality, the only drawbacks to being a digital download fan are my comic collection has quit growing. That was the hardest part, knowing my white boxes wouldn’t gain any board and plastic wrapped brethren was kinda sad. Well, it’s also kinda awkward as I’m looking forward to the Cincinnati Comic Con next month, I wonder what I can have Tony Moore and Ryan Stegman sign? Maybe my iPad case?