Image So I’ve been catching up on Marvel’s Hawkeye series from Matt Fraction and David Aja and it floors me how much I love this book.   I was never, ever a Hawkeye fan.  If I was going with comic archer’s it was going to be Green Arrow from the Distinguished Competition.  The story and art blend together like the sleekest blend of coffee and cream.  It’s beautiful to look at and, while it sounds crazy to say,  the look of the book feels incredibly fresh and really a whole new vision to the superhero genre.  Hawkeye, Mr. Clint Barton, is yet to appear in costume and I’m on issue 9.  He is pulling this fantastic every man vibe that reminds me of Peter Parker when I was a younger reader.  He even rescues a dog he’s been feeding pizza to.  Dodge Challenger’s and Russian mafia fill the panels with brilliant excitement.  

     Kate Bishop, the Jr. Hawkeye is also a main character and this series is my first experience with her and she’s brilliant.  Fraction shifts so smoothly from Everyman Avenger to teenage hipster.  I’m very much hooked and it’s burning up my iPad.  If you’d have told me last fall that Hawkeye would be on the top of my reading list, I wouldn’t have heard it.  It’s often good being wrong, builds character.