So the BBC has announced the 12th Doctor. Peter Capaldi has been cast as the next face of the mad man in the blue box.  I’m excited to move on to this next chapter in the extremely long running series.  I had hoped that an older actor would be selected and with Capaldi being 55 that has happened.  I believe the 11th doctor was 27 when he was cast.  A young guy is cool but it’s neat when we get a more lived in look for a character who is actually like 900 years old.

     Matt Smith had a good run as the Doctor, but for some reason I was just getting bored.  I haven’t even watched all the episodes of the last season yet.  I promise to get caught up now though.  Smith took over for David Tennant who was actually my second favorite of all time.  Tom Baker is my personal choice.  I remember discovering Dr. Who on PBS when I was a really little kid, watching it on the weekends with my grandpa.  We’d watch after Dukes of Hazard while my grandma was watching Dallas.  They say your first Doctor is always your fave.  I say very good luck to Peter Capaldi and may his run be at least 5 seasons.  Image