So while on vacation last week I downloaded the Pacific Rim soundtrack and I must say its very good. I’m a soundtrack junkie from way back, but nothing has really grabbed me recently. Hans Zimmer’s work on Nolan’s Batman trilogy was pretty good, and I had a burned copy of one for Ed Norton’s Hulk that I quite liked but nothing like the John Williams 70’s and 80’s. Even William’s stuff was kinda bland for the Prequel Trilogy and the last Indy. I suppose he did do some Harry Potter that was note worthy.

Pacific Rim has been my summer movie, really my favorite movie of 2013. I’ll live with it a little while longer before I start moving it up the all time list. However, when I checked out the soundtrack info on iTunes, Tom Morello guests on a few tracks. I was pretty much hooked at that point. The main score is by composer, Ramin Djawadi, who also did some Iron Man stuff. The whole point here though, is Morello! I’ve been a fan of his work through Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. I was very happily surprised to here his guitar on this effort.

Tom Morello guests on 4 tracks and the whole soundtrack has a techno/ dubstep vibe with some neat guitar work layered on top. The strings and bass add to the work and you can feel jaegers stomping on their way to battle. The track titled, The Shatterdome features some hints of Russian melody as the rest of the players are introduced, Each Jaeger team has its own theme.

The track list:
1. Pacific Rim
2. Gipsy Danger
3. Canceling the Apocalypse
4. Just a Memory
5. 2500 Tons of Awesome
6. The Shatterdome
7. Mako
8. Call Me Newt
9. Jaeger Tech
10. To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters
11. Better Than New
12. We Are the Resistance
13. Double Event
14. Striker Eureka
15. Physical Compatibility
16. Category 5
17. Pentecost
18. Go Big or Go Extinct
19. Hannibal Chau
20. For My Family
21. No Pulse
22. Kaiju Groupie
23. Deep Beneath the Pacific
24. The Breach
25. We Need a New Weapon

My favorite tracks are Call Me Newt and Jaeger Tech but all are a good listen and will take you back to the wonderfully developed world Del Torro imagined. 553975_541631705903131_1862880567_n