Music is a huge part of a lot of people’s lives.  I need music at work, while I’m doing dishes or taking a shower.  I just love music.  I can’t play a thing.  I can’t play guitar and I can’t swim.  Those are often two confessions I make.  While I can’t create, I can very much absorb and playback.   I think I have a pretty wide range of what I like but, it definitely has it’s limits.

      I grew up in the 80’s and my first records were my mom’s old Beatles 45’s.  My fave was Hard Day’s Night/ Should’ve Known Better.  Of course I was also well versed in Michael Jackson and Blondie.  The first video I remember seeing on MTV was Tom Petty’s Refugee.  

     My Dad is a musical junkie too and he can actually play guitar.  I so remember road trips growing up with my dad and the awful repetitiveness of his beloved Southern Rock.  Shoot me in the face please.  I could only take so much Lynyrd Skynyrd.  My father could never get enough.  It was always them or .38 Special or Deep Purple.  Just gaggy stuff that he wore out.  

     In High School in the early 90’s he hated my music.  He just kept asking me why Nirvana refused to correctly tune their guitars.  Dad just didn’t dig on grunge music at all.  Which may have made me like it even more.  I’m not swearing to that though.  Dad and I did both like Tom Petty and the Traveling Wilburys.  It’s funny now because he’ll mention that he likes the Audioslave that I had on or that he enjoyed the Foo Fighters, and I just swell up with pride because secretly I know both those bands have strong grunge ties.  

     My whole point though, is that it’s really easy to get stuck into the music of your youth.  You get stuck there and then all the new styles that come out you think suck and aren’t as good as it used to be.  My dad thought Nirvana wasn’t as good as Skynyrd used to be.   When my six year old daughter tells me how much she loves Beiber, I’m thinking,  ” Man he sucks, he’s not nearly as good as Radiohead.”  

    I try to listen to new stuff on Slacker radio and Pandora.  I don’t want to only listen to 90’s Alternative.  I’ve discovered Mumford and Sons and Deadmau5.  Plus lucky for me, the Foo’s and Thom Yorke are still rocking out and still pushing their musical limits, crafting new tunes to enjoy.  Just as long as I don’t get to clingy and even my dad bought a Nickleback cd.  I guess that’s kinda of a good thing.Image