I have great expectations.  Life isn’t quite what I’d thought it’d be.  It’s a struggle, living and working and marching towards 40 can kinda wear a guy down.  I thought I’d be teaching kids to love Shakespeare and how amazing education can be.  All sorts of awe inspiring things rife for a motion picture or at least something on Lifetime.  Not yet though.  I currently build custom kitchen counter tops and it slowly eats my soul.  I honestly thought I’d have spider powers by this point and time. 

    I’m at that point where I gotta work out a lot to just keep a little roll and enjoy a honey bun with my coffee.  I have that idea that I can always be better, especially with a little more sleep. I may not be able to spin a web any size, but I can actually do a front break job pretty quick these days. I’m still looking to break into teaching, I kinda just have those days when I just wanna make some sizable bank deposits, but teaching will always be an important goal.  I really do inside wanna leave the world a better place then I found it.

This blog has been something I’ve talked about doing for years, it feels good to finally check one off the list.  I was kinda stuck on graduating college.  I’ll geek on comics, global warming, and probably Radiohead soon.  Peace out folks.